Other Game Consoles

This section provides links to game based learning ideas associated with other gaming consoles besides the Wii. I'm assuming many of these activities could be transferred to Wii if the game were to be available in Wii format. Items are organized by console type.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Dogs on the DS. Learning & Teaching Scotland initiative.

Nintendo Dogs on DS for Art & Design. Learning & Teaching Scotland/Consolarium Blog. 

Professor Lawton and the Curious Village on the DS. Learning & Teaching Scotland initiative.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on the DS. Learning & Teaching Scotland initiative.

Nintendo DS and Flip Books. Ollie Bray Blog.

Mario Kart DS in Math. S. Disbury Blog. 2009-2010.

Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS. J. Deyenberg Blog. 2010.

Professor Layton and Curious Village in the Classroom. J. Deyenberg Blog. 2010

My Word Coach-Nintendo DS in the Elementary Classroom. J. Deyenberg Blog. 2010.

23 Interesting Ways to Use Nintendo DS in the Classroom. Tom Barret Blog. 

Playstation 2

Using Medal of Honor: Frontline for Playstation 2 in Secondary School History. Lesson Plan by OCT Exemplary Teacher Lindsay Hall, Professionally Speaking Magazine. Sept. 2010.

Magazine article for the above. Professionally Speaking, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 2010.


PE with XBOX Kinect and Dance Central. Redbridge Games Network. 2010.

Falkirk Guitar Heroes.
LTS/The Consolarium. 2010

Computer/PC Games

Using Myst 3 for Descriptive Writing. Tom Barrett Blog. 2009.

English Teacher Ahead of the Game. CNN.com. April 2005. (About Tim Rylands use of Myst in the classroom, descriptive writing).