Research, Reports & Inquiries

This section showcases research, reports or inquires related to games based learning. Items are organized based on the agency responsible for the report or research.

FutureLab, Bristol UK

Project to identify the educational benefits of console game-based learning in primary and secondary schools.
2010. Project Report included.

Teaching with Games: Using Commercial Off the Shelf Computer Games in Education: Final report (1mb pdf) and Teaching with Games: Guidance for educators (337kb pdf) . Futurelab, UK. 2006/2007.  (This study used games for the PC)

Learning & Teaching Scotland, University of Dundee, Scotland

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo DS Mental Math Research Project. 2007.

Additional info re: the above. With a link to a preliminary report. 2010

IMAGINE (Increasing Mainstreaming of Games In Learning Policies)--a project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Program.

Summary of GBL Research.  2009

Conclusions & Recommendations. 2010

A list of Case Studies of GBL Initiatives in Europe.

University of Wolverhampton, UK.

Computer Games and Learning – where next? The Breadth and Scope of the use of Computer Games in Education Report by Karl Royle and Scott Kolfer. University of Wolverhampton, Center for Developmental and Applied and Research in Education, UK. Sept. 2010. (35 pages, 1669kb, opens in new window)

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The University of Calgary's Canadian Exergaming Research Center. News report. 2010

The University of Calgary's Canadian Exergaming Research Center Home Page

The Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat, Canada. 

Video Games in the Classroom: Building Skills in Literacy & Numeracy. (Also dispels some myths about gaming & offers ideas). By Drs. Emmanuel Duplàa and Shervin Shirmohammadi . University of Ottawa. Dec. 2010.