What is Game Based Learning?

This section includes ideas about games based learning, particularly as it relates to using commercial, off the shelf console games within a curriculum context.

Games Based Learning. Learning & Teaching Scotland.

Games Based Learning VIDEO. GREAT OVERVIEW! Presentation by Derek Robertson of Learning & Teaching Scotland, 2010.

'Unlocking Learning: Computer Games In Education' Presentation by Ollie Bray, Learning & Teaching Scotland. Ollie Bray Blog. 2010.

Case Studies: The Consolarium: Scottish Center for Games & Learning. IMAGINE (Increasing Mainstreaming of Games In Learning Policies)

The benefits of gaming in education. (Also dispels some myths about gaming & offers ideas) The Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat. By Drs. Emmanuel Duplàa and Shervin Shirmohammadi . University of Ottawa. Dec. 2010. 

Some additional musings related to using Wii/console games in education:

Taking the Game out of the Console. Tom Barrett Blog. 2009.

Ideas from Wii Development Day.
(Here are the associated Mind Maps of integrating Wii games into Curriculum Areas). Redbridge Games Network, UK. 2009.

Wii Foundation Objectives. Connecting Wii to Curriculum Areas. Peter Richardson Blog. 2010.