Wii for Math

This section has links showcasing the use of particular Wii games in a math curriculum context. Links are organized according to game title.

Wii Sports

Nintendo Wii Golf Subtraction. Tom Barrett Blog. 2009. See also this slideshow: Eight Interesting Ways to Use Wii In the Classroom. Slide #1. Tom Barret Blog.

Using Nintendo Wii Sports For Addition & Subtraction. Tom Barrett Blog. 2008.

Using Wii Sports Bowling with Young Children. See this slideshow: Eight Interesting Ways to Use Wii In the Classroom. Slide #5. Tom Barret Blog. 

Wii Bowling and Wii Golf. Wiimaths.com Tristan Mather, Australia.

Using Wii Sports for Fractions. Robert Drummond's Blog. 2010.

Wii Bowling for Mean, Median and Mode. Robert Drummond's Blog. 2010

Using Wii Sports for Averages, Dawn Hallybone's Blog, 2010

Mario Kart

Mario Kart Project (Uses the data in various math applications). S.Disbury Blog. 2009-2010 (This is a Nintendo DS project but can be applied to Wii).

Teaching Statistics with Mario Kart Wii. (Mean, Median, Mode & Range). M. Cunningham Blog. 2010.

'Wii Are Learning' Mario Kart. Includes mind map/Prezi of Ideas for math use. Peter Richardson. 2009..

Wii Fit, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Wii Play

For math activities for all of these games please seeWiimaths.com Tristan Mather, Australia.