Wii for Other Curriculum Areas

This section has links showcasing the use of particular Wii games in a variety of curriculum contexts. Links are organized according to curriculum area.

Wii for Phys Ed.

The Canadian Exergaming Research Centre Home Page. University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta Canada.

Wii in PE. Video from June 2008 Meeting of the New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC).

Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii
. J. Deyenburg Blog. 2010.

We Love the Wii: Pii Wii Tennis. (also connects to language/oral language) Using Wii Sports in PE. Kim P. Blog. 2009

Wii for Science
Endless Oceans 2/Geography Study. J. Deyenburg Blog. 2010.

Wild Earth African Safari: Bringing the Savannah to the Classroom. Peter Richardson Blog. 2010.

Wild Earth: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together. Cross Curricular Unit, includes language science, art, music, dance. Peter Richardson 2010.

Wii for Music.

Wii've Got The Music 1
. Kim P. Blog. 2009.

Wii for French
Using Guitar Hero in a French Literacy Context. 'Schools Rockin At Gavinburn'. Do it, be it. www.do-be.co.uk. 2010.